Clementine Berry Buchwalter House Foundation

Clark County Historical Society at the Heritage Center added a new photo to the album: WHO is it? WHAT is it? WHERE is it? Wednesday Photos 2016. September 29, 2016 

Yesterday’s WHO is it Wednesday was Clementine Berry Buchwalter, “a lady of education and accomplishments and of much social prominence” who was instrumental in the women’s club movement. She was born February 8, 1843 to Reverend John and Elenore Berry and graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1862. Clementine was involved in educational work until she married Captain E.L. Buchwalter on September 1, 1868.  The couple moved to Springfield in 1873 where he took a job with James Leffel. He later helped to organize the Superior Drill Company and American Seeding Machine Company. They moved into their home at 805 E. High in 1893. The 1852 home had originally belonged to Charles Clark.

Clementine helped organize the Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs, which formally came together in Springfield October 24, 1894 and two days later became part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. She was president 1904-1907.

The Buchwalter home was a center for club activities and meeting place for club women across the state and the nation. She fell ill in 1912 and went to a private sanitarium in New York where she died on November 16, 1912 and is buried in Ferncliff. Ten years after her death, in 1922, Captain Buchwalter and his second wife Marilla (Clementine’s cousin) sold the home on High Street, donating $5,000 to the newly formed Woman’s Town Club who purchased the home for $25,000. The clubs were an outgrowth of an active women’s club movement in the 1870s and 1880s. Focusing on literature and education first, and influenced by women’s temperance campaigns, the movements produced clubs that were active in a wide range of community issues. Today the Woman’s Town Club in approaching their 95th anniversary and their inspiration, Clementine, stands in the form of a bronze statue in the side yard of the building.


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